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In collaboration with the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media,

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Musial culture and communication:

 Anthropological and communicative approaches to music”


The aim of the Program is the interdisciplinary, anthropological and communicational, approach to music. More specifically, the main objectives of the program are:


(a)    the exploration of the subject and the development of skills necessary for approaching music as an anthropological and communicational phenomenon

(b)   the preparation of high level executives for employment in the public and private sectors, a

(c)    the preparation of students for Ph.D. studies and/or for research in highly demanding national and international Institutions.


The two-year, full-time, MA Program includes the following courses: “Methodology Issues”,  “Music and Cultures”, “Music, Society, and Politics”, “Philosophy of Music”, “Music and the New Media”, “Legal Aspects of Creation and Diffusion of Music”, “Music and Cultural Management”, “Music and the Other Arts”, “Research Seminar: Discourse Analysis”. A Dissertation is also required.