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The Department of Music Studies is divided into three Sectors: Historical and Systematic Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology, Sound Technology, Pedagogy and Byzantine Musicology. 

Sector A: Historical and Systematic Musicology

Sector A focuses on the history and the systematic research of European and Hellenic Art Music and musical instruments from antiquity to the present day. It explores the aesthetic, philosophic, ideological and social aspects of music, issues in historiography and theory of music, as well as the methodologies of source interpretation, theory and notation, the analytical and interpretative methods and the compositional processes in specific works of music.

Members of Staff in the Sector:

Nikolaos Maliaras, Professor, Head of Sector, Head of Department 

Irmgardt Lerch-Kalavrytinou, Associate Professor 

Georgios Fitsioris, Associate Professor 

Markos Tsetsos, Associate Professor 

Georgios Zervos, Permanent Assistant Professor

Ioannis Papathanasiou, Permanent Assistant Professor

Stylianos Psaroudakes, Permanent Assistant Professor

Pavlos Sergiou, Assistant Professor

Pyrros Bamichas, Assistant Professor

Ioannis Foulias, Lecturer 

Sector B: Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology 

Sector B investigates the relationship between music and culture in its historic and synchronic perspectives in Greece and worldwide. Research and teaching focus on various performing arts (music, song, dance, theatre, narration, cinema) and on theoretical approaches within the wider frame of musical culture.

Members of Staff in the Sector: 

Pavlos Kavouras,Professor in Anthropology of Music, Head of Sector 

Lambros Liavas, Professor in Ethnomusicology

Eirini Loutzaki, Associate Professor in Anthropology of Dance

Anastasios Hapsoulas, Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology

Maria Papapavlou, Assistant Professor in Ethnomusicology

Vassiliki Lalioti Lecturer of Anthropology in Performance

Sector C: Sound Technology, Music Pedagogy and Byzantine Musicology  

Sector C consists of three different areas of study and research: 

1. Sound Technology 

Members of Staff: 

Haralampos H. Spyridis, Professor in Music Acoustics and Informatics, Head of Sector  

Anastasia Georgaki, Permanent Assistant Professor in Music Technology 

Christina Anagnostopoulou, Assistant Professor in Music Informatics 

Angeliki Triantafyllaki, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Ioannis Peikidis, Technical Staff 

2. Music Pedagogy and Education 

Members of Staff:  

Smaragda Chrysostomou, Associate Professor in Music Pedagogy and Didactics 

3. Byzantine Musicology 

Members of Staff: 

Achilleas Chaldeakes, Associate Professor in Byzantine Musicology 

Dimitrios Balageorgos, Permanent Assistant Professor in Byzantine Musicology 

Thomas Apostolopoulos, Assistant Professor in Byzantine Musicology 

Flora Kritikou, Lecturer in Byzantine Musicology