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Anastasia Georgaki



Sound Τechnology, Music Pedagogy & Byzantine Musicology 

Tel.: 0030 210 7277475

FAX: 0030 210 7277475

Room: 532, 918

Floor: 5th, 9th

Contact: Μonday 10.00-12.00

email: georgaki@music.uoa.gr





• Bachelor in Physics (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1986)
• Music Studies (Accordion diploma, organ diploma, Harmony, Counterpoint/Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, 1981-1990)    
• Master’s Degree in Music technology and Musicology of the XXth Century,  IRCAM/EHESS, Paris, France (1991): “De la voix chantée a la voix de synthèse”    
• PhD in  “Music Technology and Musicology of the XXth Century»,». IRCAM/EHESS, PARIS, France (1992-1997): « Problèmes techniques et enjeux esthétiques de la voix de synthèse dans la recherche et créations musicales “.


Academic Career

1995-1999: Lecturer 407/80,  Department of Music Studies, Ionian University
1999-2002: Lecturer, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University
2002-2007: Lecturer, Department of Music Studies, University of Athens 2007-2010: Assistant Professor, Department of Music Studies, University of Athens
2011-2014: Permanent Assistant Professor, Music Department, University of Athens
2015 -… : Associate Professor, Department of Music, University of Athens  
2013-2015: Visiting Professor at the European University of Cyprus (Masterclasses)
2008-2016: Visiting Professor in the master ‘s program of New Technologies Communication and Information in Education (Early Childhood / EMME, etc.)
2009-2016: Visiting Professor in the Master’s Program "Music Culture and Media » (M.T.A / EMME)
2015-2016: Visiting Professor in Master ‘ program "Musicology" and responsible direction  in Music Technology (Music Department)
2013-2015: Visiting Professor at the University Paris VIII


Research interests

Acoustic analysis of the singing voice Creative technologies in education Visual music and configurative sounds Acoustic ecology and Cicada song’s study Singing voice synthesis Musicological issues in Electroacoustic music Music Technology in Archeomusicology



Music Acoustics Introduction in Music Technology
Introduction in Electroacoustic Music
Sound Analysis-synthesis
Techniques Electronic Orchestration  
Acoustics and Technologies of the singing voice
Music and new media (Master’s)
Creative learning through sound technologies (Master’s)
Contemporary music creation and Technology (Master’s) 


Personal Site



Artistic Activity

• Coordinator and accordionist of Novitango Quintet (www.novitango.gr). 
• Numerous concerts in various concert halls and in summer festivals in Greece with the band Novitango, Refadango, Land and Sea, with jazz patterns, etc.       
• Participation in discs, theatrical productions, music for theater,        
• Electroacoustics music, jazz, etc. Mousikofilologikos Association "Parnassos" Lefkada Festival Tinos festivals, etc.      
• Partnerships with M.Hadjidakis, M. Farantouri, El. Karaindrou, N. Mavroudis, etc. 
• Coordinator of the Musical May (TMU, University of Athens) 
• Responsible for organizing thematic concert cycles (Musical May, The courtyard of miracles, etc.) 
• Organization of thematic concerts with works by student in Electroacoustic works: The Historian Cavafy-sound poems,  Meton –Soundscapes of the National observatory of Athens, Archilochus poetry and music. 
• Interdisciplinary approach of  teaching history through creative technology", children's theater performances as partner Ag.Pavlos Greek-French School (Τα Παιδία Παίζει, Οδύσσεια, Christmas in the forest, Oneirochalastis, etc.).