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Undergraduate programme

The Department of Music Studies offers an undergraduate programme of courses founded on science, theory and philosophy, with references to a number of relevant disciplines. Its thematic units are taken to an appreciable depth, and care is taken for the advancement of critical thought in the students, as well as for their methodological and research profile. Research carried out in the Department is directly connected to the subjects taught in it, and the students are familiarised with current trends in research and, more generaly, with scientific discussion on an international level in every sector and gnostic area. This multi-disciplinary approach to music helps students acquire knowledge, skills, experience, and critical thought, enabling them to become useful members of the society, as they can be employed in a variety of research and practical areas, such as:

  •     General education (general schools)
  •     Special music education (music schools)
  •     Conservatoire music education
  •     Scientific libraries
  •     Scientific music archives
  •     Scientific research centres with a musicological quarter
  •     Departments of programming and publications in establishments promoting music
  •     Artistic institutions and establishments, in general
  •     Artistic managing offices / Artistic agencies
  •     Concert halls
  •     Orchestras, choirs, music theatres, music groups
  •     Music publishing houses
  •     Newspapers and printed mass media
  •     Radio and television
  •     Sound technology and recording
  •     Many more areas


The Programme, in addition, gives emphasis to paedagogy, and the teaching adequacy of students is secured via a number of relevant subjects, practical training, as well as closely related subjects and approaches.


Graduates, having acquired a soundly-based inter-disciplinary foundation in music and musicology, are easily accepted in post-graduate programmes in Hellas and abroad, not only in musicology, but also in other relevant fields (anthropology of music, technology and informatics, psychology, paedagogy, special education, music therapy, music paedagogy etc), with excellent results.