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Course Enrolment and Studies

  • Students enrol in the 1st semester of their studies after successful completion of the Greek National examination.

  • At the beginning of each semester, following the announcements of the Secretariat, students must register for the courses they wish to follow.

  • Course registration is completed electronically on dates specified and communicated in due time by the Secretariat. Students are kindly requested follow such deadlines closely, as no extensions can be granted.

  • Following University regulations, students are not allowed to register for more than n + 3 courses each semester, where n equals to the minimum number of courses students are required to register for by each Department. For the Department of Music Studies, this number is four (n = 4). Hence, students of the Department of Musical Studies must register for a minimum of four (n = 4) and a maximum of seven (n + 3 = 7) courses each semester.

  • Special provisions are made for students who have completed the 10 mandatory semesters of their studies, but have not met all requirements to graduate, yet. Such students can register for up to 14 courses per semester, starting at the 11th semester of their studies.

  • The Suggested Curriculum can be followed as is, but be also altered to fit the needs and interests of each student. In any case, students should register for the courses they have selected to follow, at the beginning of each semester.

  • The exam period for fall-semester courses is on February, and for spring-semester courses in June. Students who have failed to obtain a passing grade for courses during either of those periods can be re-examined during the September exam period.

  • Normally, Seminar grades are based on written essays to be submitted at the end of the given exam period, or at the September exam period. If neither of these deadlines is met then the seminar is considered failed, and students should re-register for it (if available), or select a different one.

  • Students with failing grades in any of the Core or Specialization Required Courses, must re-register for them in different semesters and be re-examined until a passing grade be obtained. Failed Elective Courses or Seminars can be replaced with others.

  • Students in the 11th semester of their studies and beyond can be examined in all classes they have registered for in any of the 3 aforementioned exam periods. Examination of courses not offered in a current semester can be arranged after consultation with the corresponding instructors.

  • Important note: Students, regardless of semester of study, cannot be graded in any courses they have not registered for at the beginning of the semester.