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Elective Courses

Electives (EE) are offered by the Department of Music Studies and other departments in the School of Philosophy. As a rule, they are not addressed in a specific year of study. Students can choose any elective courses they are interested in.

  • In general, students are expected to undertake elective courses relevant to the specialization they have chosen. Nevertheless, they can also choose elective courses from other specializations to broaden their horizon.

  • Students can also register for Required courses of other specializations. In such cases, these courses count as Electives.

  • It should be also noted that students who wish to focus on music pedagogy can follow relevant Seminars in the curriculum. Nevertheless, even though these courses follow the format of seminars and are graded based on a written essay work, they cannot be counted towards the 2 obligatory Seminar classes students must take, because the Department cannot offer a music-education Specialization. Instead these courses count as Electives.

  • Finally, students can choose up to four (4) Elective courses from other departments in the School of Philosophy or the University of Athens, in general.

  • Note: Students following the 1st Specialization (Historical and Systematic Musicology), can take up to 8 Electives from other Specializations (including the possible 4 Electives from other Departments in the University of Athens). The remaining 4 courses must be Electives of the particular Specialization (that is Κ1ΕΠΙ).

Unsuccessfully completed Electives can be replaced with others. It should be noted, however, that the Music Acoustics and Sound Technology Specialization has certain course requirements for advanced courses (announced separately), which must be followed. It is impossible for students to register for these advanced courses, unless they have successfully completed all requirements.