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All students are required to write a Thesis during the final year of their studies.

  • Student progress is supervised in colloquia (thesis seminars) by all faculty associated with the selected specialization. The colloquia are not considered official courses. They are not graded or associated with any credit units. They are an important part of the of the dissertation writing process, through which students present the progress in their work.

  • For a student to be assigned a Thesis, they must have completed the 4th year of their studies, and all Core and Specialization Required Courses.

  • Thesis topics are selected from the eligible lists created by the faculty. In exceptional cases, it is possible for a student to propose a thesis topic. This can only be accepted if it fulfills the predetermined eligibility requirements.

  • Sectors can assign the supervision of Theses to faculty members based on their specialties and the students’ needs.

  • Students must prepare their Thesis alone under the advisement of their supervisor.

  • Theses should be between 15000 and 25000 words (approximately 50 to 80 pages). This limit can be adjusted within reason on a case by case basis, based on the assigned topics with the agreement of the assigned faculty supervisor.

  • The minimum completion time for a dissertation is one semester and the maximum one year. If a student exceeds this time limit, they may request an extension of a semester. This request must be justified and submitted in writing to the corresponding Sector. The Sector must them make a recommendation for approval to the Department’s General Assembly. If the extension expires the student must re-enroll with a new Thesis topic.

  • Students must complete all their coursework prior to defending their dissertation.

  • All Theses are evaluated and graded by 2 professors, of whom at least one is a member of the Sector supervising this dissertation. Each committee member offers a separate assessment and grade of the Thesis. The final grade is calculated as the rounded average of the two grades.

  • If the two grades differ by more than 3 points from one another, or are on either side of 5, the Sector appoints a third assessor, who assigns the final grade.

  • The following 3 deadlines have been set for the submission of a Thesis. July 1st, October 1st, and January 10th.