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The program consists of four (4) modules:

  • The Core Required Courses (Υποχρεωτικά Κορμού - ΥΚ) to be selected and completed by all students. These include courses in all fields pertinent to the scientific work of the 3 sectors, to the extent necessary for the effective training of the students in the Department of Music Studies.

  • Specialization Required Courses (Υποχρεωτικά Κατεύθυνσης - Κ1ΥΠΟ, Κ2ΥΠΟ, Κ3ΥΠΟ, Κ4ΥΠΟ), which may differ between students, depending on the selected specialization. These courses can be treated as Requirements for students following a certain specialization and as Electives for others. Each student must successfully complete 15 such courses.

  • In addition to these courses, students must also successfully complete two (2) Seminars (Κ1ΣΕΜ, Κ2ΣΕΜ, Κ3ΣΕΜ, Κ4ΣΕΜ), which are often, but not necessarily, relevant to one of the four specializations, and a Thesis (Πτυχιακή Εργασία - ΠΕ).

  • Elective Courses can be

  • associated with one of the four offered specializations (Κ1ΕΠΙ, Κ2ΕΠΙ, Κ3ΕΠΙ, Κ4ΕΠΙ),

  • courses that do not fit in any specializations, or courses from other Departments in the School of Philosophy and other Schools within the University of Athens

  • There is no time limit for the transition from the Core to the Specialization program. The transition is only defined by the successfully completed courses. There exists a Suggested Curriculum, which functions as a recommendation rather than a requirement for students. Students who follow this Suggested Curriculum will be able to complete all Core Required Courses within the first four (4) semesters of their studies.

  • Specialization Required Courses can also be treated as Electives for students following a different specialization. Since 2013 some Specialization Required Courses can be common between more than a single specialization. In addition, each Specialization may offer more than 15 courses. In such cases, students can choose a maximum of 15 such courses during their studies. Starting with the academic year 2015-2016 students can also register for courses offered by other Departments in the University of Athens, which can be considered as Κ2ΥΠΟ or Electives.

  • Students must declare their preferred Specialization. This declaration can be made as early as the beginning of the 5th semester (3rd year) or at any time later by completing the appropriate form at the Secretariat office.

  • Students can select a given Specialization as soon as they have successfully completed at all the Core Required Courses that are relevant to that Specialization. The Sectors are responsible for defining these courses for each Specialization.

  • The declaration of a Specialization is mainly for administrative reasons and has no binding time limits for attending courses. Student can attend Specialization Required Courses even before this declaration, if they have decided which Specialization they wish to follow. In case they change their mind, they may still use these courses as Electives (EE).

  • Students may also choose to register for Core Required Courses after the completion of the second year of their studies, if they believe it is beneficiary to their studies to do so.

  • The degree awarded is common across all Specializations, but the selected Specialization is indicated on it.