The Department of Music Studies of the School of Philosophy of EKPA celebrates the 30 years anniversary since its founding (1991-2021) with several events such as workshops, conferences, forums and concerts. The department aims to share with the academic community and the society its scientific and artistic activity along with its contribution to the intellectual and cultural life of the country in different fields that extend from the Ancient Greek Music to contemporary interactive Music.

Ancient Greek Music, Byzantine Music and Chanting, Greek Traditional Music, World Music, Classical and Contemporary Music, Popular Music.

Historical and Systematic Musicology of Western European Music, Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology, Music Acoustics and Technology, Byzantine Musicology, Music and Cognitive Sciences, Music Pedagogy.

The program that follows is indicative and will take place if the appropriate conditions are met due to the pandemic.


1. Scientific Conference (14/5/2021) for the 250 years since Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth, Sector of Historical and Systematic Musicology.

2. Scientific Conference (15/5/2021) "Music education: good practices in the digital classroom", Laboratory of Music Pedagogy.

3. Forum for Young Scientists I (17/6/2021): Laboratory of Music Pedagogy and Laboratory of Music, Cognitive Sciences and Community.

4. Music June (29-30/6/21): Concerts of the undergraduate students in the atrium of the New Library at the School of Philosophy (Classical, Jazz).

5. Jazz MSc ensembles/Music July 2021 (6/7/21): Concert of the postgraduate students at the Observatory, Hill of Nymphs (MSc: Music Technology and Contemporary Practices).

6. Electro-Acoustic Music Ensemble/Music July 2021 (7/7/21): Concert of the postgraduate students at the Observatory, Hill of Nymphs (MPS: Music Technology and Contemporary Practices).

7. Summer School, Music programming in Python (8/7-16/7/21) with Dr. Daniel Brown (Intelligent MusicSystems)

8.THEO.MEMO.DOC (Memoirs of Kolokotronis: interactive theatrical documentary/celecrating 200 years from the Greek Revolution) (27/7/-16/8/21). Old University, courtyard (Research project ELIDEK).

9. Scientific Conference: "Acoustic instruction of the singing voice through ASMA platform" (30/7/21)(ELIDEK) in collaboration with the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology / EKPA with the Municipality of Lefkada.

10. Transmissions I (23/9/21): Concert between the students of TMS EKPA and the Department of Music Studies of OSKO via Networking (with the support of the Norwegian embassy and the House of Letters and Arts). Nymphs Hill (live streaming).

11. Sound Installation (25-27/6/21) at the Sikelianos Museum in Lefkada (24-26/9/21) by students of the MPS Music creation for new media (in the context of a three-day tribute to A. Sikelianos).

12. Concert of traditional music (27/9/21), celebrating the 200 years anniversary from the Greek revolution, Museum of traditional instruments, Plaka.

13. International conference (29/10/21) “Intercommunal Musical Geographies of late Ottoman Istanbul”, organized by The Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology Laboratory.

14. Opera “Markos Mpotsaris” (Metaxas – Tzanis), (22/10/21), dedicated to the 200 years celebration of the Greek revolution, a coproduction of the Dean’s Office of School of Philosophy and the Filarmonia orchestra and the participation of the Choir of the Department of Music Studies of NKUA.

15. Concert dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis (4/11/21), with the participation of Maria Farantouri and students of the Department of Music Studies of NKUA. In cooperation with the Rectorship of NKUA.

15. Anniversary conference for the 30 Years of TMS (25-26 /11/21):

Lectures on the contribution of the department to the intellectual and artistic life of the country with the participation of faculty members, honorary doctors, emeritus professors, retired professors, distinguished graduates, and Ph.D. graduates.

Department presentation.

Ensemble concerts, workshop.

Presentation of the Anniversary Digital Album.

Screening of a film with the activities of the Department 1991-2021.

16. Concert dedicated to the 200 years celebration of the Greek revolution (28/11/21), Ministry of Education and Religious affairs, Athens Concert Hall.

17. Scientific Symposium for Anestis Logothetis for the 100 Years since his birth (7-8/12/21): Symposium and concert with the participation of ASON and the Alternative Opera House with the support of the Austrian Embassy. (

18. Eighth Musicological and Chanting Conference (15-16/12/21). Laboratory of Byzantine Musicology in collaboration with the Foundation of Byzantine Musicology of the Church of Greece.

19. Scientific Conference (10/12/21) on the 50th anniversary of the death of I. Stravinsky, Department of Historical and Systematic Musicology.

20. Music February 2022: Concerts of the postgraduate and undergraduate students in the Library of the School of Philosophy.

21. Forum of new Scientists II (February 2022) Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology.

22. Scientific conference (March 2022): "The historical theatrical documentary with interactive digital media" (ELIDEK). Collaboration of the Department of Theatrical Studies and the Department of Music Studies (Celebration 1821-2021).

23. Tribute to Astor Piazzolla for the 100+1 years anniversary since his birth (15/4/22). EKPA in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens.

24. International Anniversary Conference for the 100 Years since the Birth of Iannis Xenakis (24-29/ 5/2022)

25. World Conference ofthe International Musicological Society 2022 (22-26 /8/22) "Music across borders" (IMS 2022) at:


The Chairman,

Professor Anastasia Georgaki