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Department of Music Studies


1. Sector of Historical and Systematic Musicology

It focuses on the history and systematic research of European and Greek art music production and musical instruments from Antiquity to the present day. It examines the aesthetic, philosophical, ideological, and social dimensions of music, issues of historiography and music theory, as well as the methodology of interpreting sources, theory and semiotics, analytical and interpretive methods, and synthetic processes in specific musical works. The Sector’s faculty and EDIP members are:

Nikolaos Maliaras, Professor

Markos Tsetsos, Professor

Minas I. Alexiadis, Professor

Ioannis Papathanasiou, Associate Professor

Pyrros Bamichas, Associate Professor

Ioannis Fulias, Associate Professor, Director

Pavlos Sergiou, Associate Professor

Iakovos Steinhauer, Assistant Professor

Aikaterini Levidou, Assistant Professor

Tassos Kolydas, Laboratory Teaching Staff

Magdalini Kalopana, Laboratory Teaching Staff


2. Sector of Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology

The Sector examines the relationship between music and culture in Greece and internationally both from a historical and a contemporary perspective. This field of research where ethnomusicology meets social and cultural anthropology treats various forms of the performing arts (narration, story-telling, singing, dancing, drama, cinematography), as well as other forms of art and their theoretical approaches, in the wider context of musical culture.

The faculty members of the Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology Sector are:

Lambros Liavas, Professor, Director

Anastasios Hapsoulas, Professor

Maria Papapavlou, Professor

Vassiliki Lalioti, Assistant Professor

Panagiotis Poulos, Assistant Professor

Eleni Kallimopoulou, Assistant Professor

Alexandros Kapsokavadis, Specialized Educational Staff

Nick Poulakis, Laboratory Teaching Staff


3. Sector of Sound Technology, Music Education, and Byzantine Musicology

The Sector comprises three (3) distinct scientific fields. The field of Sound Technology examines the relationship of music to contemporary technology, computer science and mathematics, through the study of music acoustics, electroacoustic music, music informatics, and audio engineering. The field of Music Education concentrates on the development of the pedagogical and didactic dimensions of music in the wider context of social and humanistic sciences, by focusing on the search, research, and continuous reflection on the theory and practice of music teaching and learning in different environments and frameworks, both within the formal and informal learning process. The field of Byzantine Musicology examines Byzantine and post-Byzantine music as a form of art and science in terms of its theory and action as well as its history and aesthetics, within the wider cultural area of Christian Orthodoxy.

The faculty members Sound Technology, Music Education, and Byzantine Musicology Sector are:

Sound Technology

Anastasia Georgaki, Professor (Head of Department)

Christina Anagnostopoulou, Associate Professor

Areti Andreopoulou, Assistant Professor

Christiana Adamopoulou, Special Educational Staff

Ioannis Malafis, Laboratory Teaching Staff

Ioannis Peikidis, Special Technical Laboratory Staff


Music Education

Smaragda Chrysostomou, Professor, Director

Angeliki Triantafyllaki, Assistant Professor

Elissavet Perakaki, Special Educational Staff


Byzantine Musicology

Achilleas Chaldeakes, Professor

Flora Kritikou, Associate Professor

Dimitrios Balageorgos, Associate Professor

Thomas Apostolopoulos, Associate Professor

Theodore Karathodoros, Special Educational Staff