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Department of Music Studies


Born in Cofu, Giorgos (Theodoros) Rarakos began his musical journey with tuba lessons and high theory lessons at the Philharmonic Society and at the Conservatory of Corfu. Rarakos is currently a Tuba Professor and Principal Tuba in the Athens State Orchestra, whose portfolio counts over 1800 concerts in Greece and all over the world, including UK, Europe, Balkan countries, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Cyprus. Rarakos has also collaborated with and contributed to various recordings with composers like Ch. Leondis, N. Kipourgos, D. Savvopoulos, P. Kalantzopoulos, and many others. Appearing multiple times as a soloist with the Athens State Orchestra and the Cyprus State Orchestra, Rarakos has performed the Concerto For Tuba of R. Vaughan Williams, such as the Symphonic orchestra of Athens, the Symphonic orchestra of the state conservatory of Thessaloniki, with the Brass ensemble of the Mediterranean Youth orchestra and with the Brasswind & Percussion ensemble of Athens state orchestra “METALLON”.

A member of the symphonic orchestra of Corfu, the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra, the National Opera of Greece, the Greek Radio Symphonic Orchestra, the orchestra of colors, and the quintet “Melos Brass”, Rarakos has also collaborated with camerata friends of music orchestra and with Philharmonia Orchestra of London. Rarakos has cooperated with the Music Department of Ionian University as an Guest Professor. In the summer periods from 1998 until 2007 he lectured at the International seminars of Brasswind instruments at Kalavrita, Vertitsko and Corfu. Rarkos has also taught at Nakas Conservatory, the Athens State Conservatory and the Conservatory of Corfu.