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Department of Music Studies


Υannis Malafis belongs to the Laboratorial - Teaching Staff of the Department of Music Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is a graduate of Aberdeen University (Scotland, Bed Mus Hons), SAE (Diploma in Audio Engineering) and holds degrees in Harmony, Guitar, Counterpoint, Fugue and Diploma in Composition. He has taught music theory, classical and electric guitar, music technology and audio engineering for 25 years at the Secondary Education in Music Schools, audio engineering at SAE Creative Media Institute (Athens). He has also taught at the Department of Music Studies of EKPA as PD407 for a number of years, teaching modules on Sound Recording and Acoustics, such as Microphones-Loudspeakers-Speakers, Introduction to Sound Recording, Sound Recording in Studio, Computer Aided Acoustic Design, Music for Media. He also teaches Audio Engineering at the Postgradute Program of the Department. He has organized and conducted a variety of seminars about the training of music teachers of the Secondary School in Music Technology and Sound Recording. He has been a member of the Artistic Committee of the Ministry of Education and he is a PhD candidate in the Department of Music Studies of EKPA as well as Steinberg Certified Trainer for Greece.

He has a rich artistic activity as a musician, with a variety of concerts and he is an active member of a musical ensemble, as a guitarist. As a sound engineer and producer, he has performed a variety of audio productions in classical, traditional, Byzantine and ethnic music, as well as numerous concerts at the Athens Concert Hall, Kallimarmaro, Herodeion, and many other concert venues.