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Department of Music Studies


This page contains a list of all PhD degrees offered by the Department of Music Studies since 2013. For a completed list please click here (greek only).


83. Antonios K. Botonakis

Ioannis Plousiadinos and the state of chanting in his times (1450-1500)

(Supervisor, Prof. Grigorios Stathis/ 2013)


84. Dionysia Blatzaki

The concept of abstraction in the musical aesthetics of Hegel and Schopenhauer

(Supervisor, Prof. Markos Tsetsos, 2013)


85. Stamatina K. Spyraki

The relationship between Greek music and painting in the early 20th century: sociological and aesthetic approaches

(Supervisor, Prof. Olympia Psychopedi-Frangou /2014)


 86. Dimosthenis K Fistouris

Voice leading and the vocal writing in the operas of Spyros Samaras (musical-dramaturgical analysis and aesthetic interpretation)

(Supervisor, Prof. Olympia Psychopedi-Frangou /2014)


87. Polyxeni Theodoridou

The chamber music of Yannis A. Papaioannou until 1965, with an emphasis on the tonal works: a historical-analytical case study and critical edition

 (Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras/ 2014)


88. Alexandros Diamantis

Ancient Greek drama in interwar Western European neoclassical opera. The cases of Arthur Honegger, Darius Milhaud, and Igor Stravinsky.

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras/ 2014)

89. Nikos, A. Dontas

The repertoire of the Greek National Opera. Choices, ethics, and factors that have shaped cultural policy 

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras/ 2014)


90. Emanouil Sourgiadakis

The art of chanting in Constantinople in the 18th century

(Supervisor, Prof. Achilleas Chaldaeakis /2014)


91. Valeriy Ismagilov

Musicians from Russian territories in Greece during the interwar period

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras/ 2014)


92. Fotis Mousoulidis

The pythagorean tradition in Iannis Xenakis' work  

(Supervisor, Prof. Aikaterini Romanou/2014)


93. Aikaterini Maniou

Aspects of modernism and postmodernism in the work of Alfred Schnittke

(Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/ 2014)


94. Maria M. Moshou

Manolis Kalomiris as a music critic

(Supervisor, Prof. Apostolos Kostios /2014)


 95. Apostolos Palios

Loris Margaritis (1894-1953): Life and work. A composer, performer, and teacher

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras/ 2014)


96. Dimitris Kotronakis

Greek music for guitar in the 20th century

(Supervisor, Prof. Markos Tsetsos, 2014)


97. Christina Giannelou

Rena Kyriakou. Her compositions: Historical research and thematic catalogue

(Supervisor, Prof. Aikaterini Romanou/2014)


98. Ermis Theodorakis

Material and development in Michalis Adamis’ music

 (Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/ 2015)


99. Theodoros Karathodoros

The influence of characteristic Byzantine music idioms on contemporary Greek art music. The cases of Michael Adamis and Dimitri Terzakis

 (Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/2015)


100. Georgios Shinas

The bagpipes of the Aegean: an organological ethnography

(Supervisor, Prof. Lambros Liavas/2015)


101. Elli Kosteletou

Music and minorities: An ethnomusicological approach to the Indian minority in Greece

(Supervisor, Prof. Pavlos Kavouras / 2015)


102. Alexandros Kapsokavadis

Music as a “normal” act… Music schools of Attica: the “unofficial” institutionalization of orality in the ‘official’ musical education 

(Supervisor, Prof. Anastasios Hapsoulas / 2015)


103. Evagelia Mitrogianni

The interdisciplinary approach to music teaching in Greek primary schools. A system for theory and practice.

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras/ 2015)


 104. Ilias Zoutsos

Works for violin and piano by the composer George Platonos. Analysis and critical edition

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras/ 2016)


105. Nafsika Hatzichristou

Cultural management strategies for the Greek audiences of classical music and opera: Empirical research and proposals for development.

(Supervisor, Prof. Olympia Psychopaidi-Frangou/ 2016)


 106. Maria Papazahariou-Christoforou

Integrating informal teaching practices in a primary music classroom in Cyprus.

(Supervisor, Prof. Smaragda Chrysostomou/ 2016)


107. Eleni Liatsou

Musical-educational approaches to the contemporary repertoire for piano (1950-2015)

(Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/2016)


108. Sofia Samara

Opera and musical theatre in the works of Theodoros Antoniou

(Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/2016)


109. Stamata Kotsioni

The musical life of Tripolis in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries (1893-1940)

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras / 2017)


110. Gordana Blagojević

The musical reformation of 1814: an empirical-narrative approach

(Supervisor, Prof. Achilleas Chaldaeakis / 2017)


111. Evagelia Nannou

Creation and application of a music and movement teaching model to students with visual impairments or total blindness in the primary school.

(Supervisor, Prof. Smaragda Chrysostomou / 2017)


112. Georgios Myzalis

The political song in Greece since 1974: The composer Thanos Mikroutsikos – the verse writer Kostas Tripolitis

(Supervisor, Prof. Lambros Liavas / 2017)


113. Ioannis Andronoglou

The evolution of the technique and the instruction of guitar in Greece (by reference to the methods and the musical compositions)

(Supervisor, Prof. Markos Tsetsos / 2017)


 114. Christiana Soulioti

The concerto for violin and orchestra in the work of Greek composers of the 20th century

(Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/ 2018)


115. Maria-Melpomeni  Chrysi

Ancient Greek tragedy in the contemporary Neo-Hellenic opera

(Supervisor,  Prof. Markos Tsetsos/ 2018)


116. Giorgos Petras

Voice and interactive media in ancient Greek drama. Musicological and technological approaches in Max/MSP

(Supervisor, Prof. Anastasia Georgaki / 2018)


117. Ioannis Kollias

The formation and evolution of innovative compositional practices in nineteenth-century German Lied (through the analysis of selected works)

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras /2018)


118. Mary Koumbe

The art of chanting in Albania since the early 20th century

(Supervisor, Prof. Dimitrios Balageorgos /2018)


119. Olga kakosimou

Telling stories.  Fado in contemporary Lisbon

(Supervisor, Prof. Pavlos Kavouras/ 2018)


120. Vasilis Mitropoulos

The orchestration in the symphonic works of the Second Viennese School composers (Schoenberg, Berg, Webern) and the aesthetics of expressionism

 (Supervisor, Prof. Markos Tsetsos / 2019)


 121. Sofia Stavropoulou

Visual feedback technologies for the tonal improvement of the singing voice in Greek Primary Education

(Supervisor, Prof. Anastasia Georgaki / 2019)


122. Lambrogiannis Pefanis

Petros Petridis’ approach to and use of folksong and byzantine modality in his works.

(Supervisor, Prof. Markos Tsetsos /2019)


123. Ageliki Konstantakopoulou

The use of poems and songs in teaching reading comprehension in the First Grade: planning, application, and evaluation of an educational intervention 

(Supervisor, Prof. Smaragda Chrysostomou / 2019)


 124. Ioannis Lymberis

Music folklore and ethnomusicology in Greece: folklore, musicological and anthropological dimensions. An historical review of the study of folk song

(Supervisor, Prof. Anastasios Hapsoulas / 2019)


125. Dimitrios Pyrgiotis

The harmonic syntax of jazz standards and Beatles: a productive-graphical musical analysis

(Supervisor, Prof. Anastasios Hapsoulas / 2019)


126. Antonis Alexakis

Computational music analysis of children improvisations: a data mining approach

(Supervisor, Prof. Christina Anagnostopoulou / 2019)


127. Maria Kotsopoulou

The use of music listening for the development of critical thinking and knowledge transformation: an application for musical literacy in ‘Second-Chance’ Schools

(Supervisor, Prof. Smaragda Chrysostomou /2020)


128. Konstantinos Kallias

The religious element in the operas of Giuseppe Verdi

(Supervisor, Prof. Irmgard Lerch-Kalavritinou – first supervisor, Ion Zotos / 2020)


129. Panagiotis Douvos

The contribution of Giörgy Lukács to the aesthetics of music

(Supervisor, Prof. Markos Tsetsos /2020)


130. Nektaria Delvinioti

Manolis Kalomiris’ correspondence

(Supervisor, Prof. Nikolaos Maliaras /2020)


131. Georgia Giannakopoulou

Piano works by Greek composers of the 20th and 21st centuries, written for the children. Analysis of music form, issues of style, technique and interpretation. Recording of selected works

(Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/ 2020)


132. Konstantinos Zacharopoulos

The film music of John Williams (1975-2018): melody, harmony, formal archetypes and thematic unity

(Supervisor, Prof. Georgios Zervos/ 2020)


133. Antonios Kyrmpatsos

School Leadership and Music in Primary Education: An ethnographic study of music culture of schools with music teachers as principals

(Supervisor, Prof. Maria Papapavlou/ 2020)


134. Eirini Daskalaki

Athens is still singing. An ethnographic study of musical practices in the modern urban space

(Supervisor, Prof. Pavlos Kavouras/ 2021)