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Department of Music Studies


He studied Advanced Theory, Piano, Song, Musicology and Art History. In 1980 he became a Doctor of Philosophy (Musicology) at the School of Philosophy, University of Vienna. In 1992 he was elected associate professor and in 1998 Professor at the University of Athens, Department of Music Studies. In 1998, the Austrian Ministry of Education awarded him the title of “Professor”. He was declared Professor Emeritus at the University with Athens (2003) and Honorary Member of the Greek Composers Association (2004). His research work focused on Greek music. He promoted internationally the composition work of conductor D. Mitropoulos, he edited review publications for his compositions and compiled a catalogue of his work. He worked in the A and C ERT radio programs as well as with the Austrian Radio (ORF). He has given lectures at international musicology conferences and has represented Greece at the General Assembly of International Music Council – UNESCO, as Secretary General of the Greek Chapter (1998-2009). He works as scientific advisor in research programs: Publication of texts and documents on the biography of Manolis Kalomoiris, The history of the Athens State Orchestra, Corpus of the M. Dounias music review notes, and others. He co-authored the books: The 75 years of the Greek Composers Association,1931/2006?From Chronicle to History, Dimitris Mitropoulos, Texts by D. Mitropoulos/Comments by A. Kostios, the element of theatricality in the work of D. Mitropoulos. Musicology I, Method of Musicological Research. He also wrote music entries at the World Biography Dictionary (Ekdotiki Athinon), articles in newspapers and magazines, music reviews, translations of opera librettos and music essays. Since 1981 he is a consultant at the Scholarship dept. of the” Alexandros. S. Onassis” Foundation. He served as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Greek National Opera (1999/2006).