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Department of Music Studies


The Department of Music Studies is divided into four Specializations:

  1. Historical and Systematic Musicology
  2. Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology
  3. Sound Technology
  4. Byzantine Musicology

This multi-disciplinary approach to music helps students acquire knowledge, skills, experience, and critical thought, enabling them to become useful members of the society, as they can be employed in a variety of research and practical areas, such as:

  • General education (general schools)
  • Special music education (music schools)
  • Conservatoire music education
  • Scientific libraries
  • Scientific music archives
  • Scientific research centres with a musicological quarter
  • Departments of programming and publications in establishments promoting music
  • Artistic institutions and establishments, in general
  • Artistic managing offices / Artistic agencies
  • Concert halls
  • Orchestras, choirs, music theatres, music groups
  • Music publishing houses
  • Newspapers and printed mass media
  • Radio and television
  • Sound technology and recording
  • Many more areas