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Department of Music Studies


Position: Professor

Sector of Historical and Systematic Musicology 


Nikolaos Maliaras is a Greek musicologist, specialized in the history of musical instruments. He studied philology in the school of philosophy in the University of Athens and piano in the National Conservatory of Athens. As a postgraduate student he studied Byzantine philology and history, as well as musicology and music pedagogy in the University of Munich. He was awarded the degree of Magister Artium (MA) in 1988 (his final dissertation was a music analysis of Haydn’s early string quartets) and the PhD (with honorary title) in 1990. The title of his PhD dissertation, which was included in the University’s publications, was ‘Die Orgel im byzantinischen Hofzeremoniell des 9. und des 10. Jahrhunderts: Eine Quellenuntersuchung’.

He has worked as a research collaborator in the University of Munich, as a research assistant in musicology in the University of Crete, and as a faculty member in the department of music studies in the University of Athens since 1995. He teaches courses in the history of music, history of music instruments, and music analysis. His research interests focus on two areas: the analytical study of Manolis Kalomiris’s music, as well as of other representatives of the Greek national school of music; and Byzantine sacred music and musical instruments through the study of historical, philological, archaeological, and iconographical sources. He has also studied the work of Bach and Brahms and has published such studies.

Other positions he has held include conductor of the choir of the department of music studies; conductor of the Children’s Choir ‘Manolis Kalomiris’ which collaborates with the National Opera House, the Athens Festival, and the Athens Concert Hall; president of the committee of the Athens Youth Symphonic Orchestra; general secretary of the Association ‘Manolis Kalomiris’; member of the Board of the National Music Council of UNESCO; and member of the association of the friends of the Greek Music Library.


(selective list)

  • Die Orgel im byzantinischen Hofzeremoniell des 9. und des 10. Jahrhunderts: Eine Quellenuntersuchung, Miscellanea Byzantina Monacensia, vol.30 (diss., U. of Munich, 1991)

  • To ekklisiastiko organo [The church organ] (Athens, 1993)

  • To dimotiko tragoudi sti mousiki tou Manoli Kalomoiri: Mia istoriki kai analytiki proseggisi [The Demotic song in Manolis Kalomiris’s music: an historical and analytical approach] (Athens, 2001)

  • Vyzantina Mousika Organa [Byzantine musical instruments], vol.1 (Athens, 2007)