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Department of Music Studies


Position: Laboratory Teaching Staff

Sector: Historical and Systematic Musicology

Laboratory for the Study of Hellenic Music

email: mkalopana[at]music.uoa[dot]gr


  • (1998) Integrated master’s in music studies (Department of Music Studies-National and Kapodistrian University of Athens/NKUA). Undergraduate Scholar of Antonis Papadakis Legacy / NKUA. Excellence in performance (rectorship of K. A. Dimopoulos NKUA).
  • (2009) Doctor of Musicology (PhD.) (Department of Music Studies – NKUA). Postgraduate scholar of the State Scholarships Foundation.
  • (2021) Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization in Education Sciences (Med.) (Hellenic Open University). Excellence performance scholarship (2016-2017).

- Also: Organ Diploma (1996, First Prize), Piano degree (1998), Degree in Harmony (1999), English (C2), Italian (C1), ICT B (2021).

Professional and academic career

Magdalini Kalopana has been active as a Musicologist at the Music Library "Lilian Voudouri" of the Megaron-Athens Concert Hall (1996-1997) and collaborator of the Megaron publications (1996-2000); Radio producer of the Third Program (1998-2001) of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT); Advisor on Cultural Issues of the General Secretariat of the Olympic Games of the Ministry of Culture (2001-2003); and Musicological Advisor of the VIth Biennale of Young Creators of Europe and the Mediterranean (2003). During 2003-2019 she served in public education as a Music Educator, and as an Adult Educator (IEK Ag. Anargyroi, IEK Chalandri, Seminars of the National Support Service eTwinning - Informatics and New Technologies Center of Cyclades, Accelerated Teachers’ Training of NKUA - 2021, Training in the new Curriculum - Institute of Educational Policy, 2021-2023). In the academic years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 she collaborated with the Department of Theatre Studies of Athens and in the academic year 2020-2021 she served at the Department of Music Studies - NKUA. She is member of the Scientific Committee of the periodicals Polyphonia and Scientific Yearbook of Teachers of Corinthia, contributor to the music and theater review periodical Critics' pointand she has been Editor of the publication Music in First Grade (Mousiki se proti vathmida, issues 12-13, 14). She is also Curator of the D. Dragatakis Association and of Dragatakis Archive, and member of the International Musicological Society (IMS).

Research interests: Prismatic historiography of Greek art music, archival classification and documentation, original historical research, mixed methodology research of the cultural and social corellations of Greek art music in formal education, organ works in Greek art music.


Fall semester:

  • History of European musical instruments
  • Works' Catalogue in Art Music: Historical Overview, Types, Usage

Spring semester:

  • The (church) organ in Greek Art Music

Selected publications

- Monograph: Kalopana, Magdalini. Systematic and Bio-Bibliographic Works’ Catalogue of Dimitris Dragatakis. Athens: F. Nakas, 2019. (ISBN: 978-960-290-669-9).

- Editor: Tamvakos, Thomas. D. Dragatakis. Official Discography & Archival Recordings, ed. Magdalini Kalopana & Athanasios Trikoupis. Alexandroupolis: Music Society of Alexandroupolis, 2021.

- Chapter in collective volume: Kalopana, Magdalini ."Prismatic musical historiography and connections of musical archives.  Aspects of the stage music of the 20th century with emphasis on the radio theatrical productions of EIP / ERA (1954-2001)". In Modern Greek Music: Issues of History and Historiography. Corfu: Ionian University-Philharmonic Society of Corfu, 2021, pp. 21-34.

Dictionary entry: Kalopana, Magdalini, "Dēmētrēs Dragatakēs", Grove Music Online (2015).

Concerts-discography: Active for a long time as an organist of liturgical and concert music (Athens, Piraeus, Patras, Trieste, Syros, etc.) she made the first disc recording of the work LaudiDuecentesche (Italian hymns of the Middle Ages in transcription by Marco Sofianopoulo) under the auspices of the Greek Composers Union (Irida Classical 2021).